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Significant Project Experience and Qualifications

Vickerman & Associates’ maritime and intermodal projects are international in scope and complexity.  The projects are illustrative of just some of the major work experience and capabilities indicative of the unparalleled industry knowledge of our Principals and sought after by our Clients.  John Vickerman was the Founding Principal of the firm Vickerman/Zachary/Miller, Inc. (1980 to 1995) and a Founding Principal of the firm TranSystems Corporation (1995 to 2008).  Mr. Vickerman is the Project Principal-in-Charge, Architect of Record or Project Manager for the following current Vickerman & Associates projects and is responsible for the overall project management.  In some instances, the project originated with TranSystems Corporation.

SLI Logistics Park, Rodman, Panama – Logistics Consultant Services.

Vickerman & Associates was selected as the prime consultant in January 2013 to provide logistics analysis and distribution center conceptual planning for a new inland port logistics center serving the new PSA Panama International Terminal (PPIT) located at the entrance of the Panama Canal, on the pacific side at the former US Rodman Naval Base. PPIT is a new port terminal built at the Pacific western-side entrance of the canal by a Singapore government-owned company. The PPIT project has completed its first phase of construction with a state-of-the-art 300 meters length container berth, equipped with three Post Panamax quay cranes and six RTGs and began operations in December 2010. Vickerman & Associates will survey existing logistics services in the Canal Zone and develop design requirements for the new logistics park.

Iowa Department of Transportation Lock and Dam Modernization and Reconnaissance Study.

Vickerman & Associates was retained in 2012 by the Iowa DOT and their project general consultant, HDR Engineering, Inc. to provide an Upper Mississippi River commercial market analysis including identification of key shipping and logistics market drivers, future shipping market forecast assessment, and recommended Inland Waterway development strategies and logistics options. The benefits of an improved lock and dam system were described in the study with quantitative evidence compiled illustrating the important economic value of continuing to use the waterway system for both the regional and national economies. The study answered the question:  What can Iowa do to stop the deterioration of the system?

Commonwealth of Virginia – Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC) – Special Report: Review of Recent Reports on the Virginia Port Authority’s Operations.

Vickerman & Associates was retained in December 2012 to provide support to the JLARC and to convey information from the maritime port industry perspective regarding (1) the position of Virginia Port Authority (VPA) and Virginia International Terminals, Inc. (VIT) in the intermodal market; (2) potential for VPA/VIT market growth; (3) projected future volume of VPA/VIT; (4) recent volume declines experienced by VPA/VIT and recovery from them; (5) validity of cost comparisons of VPA/VIT to other ports; (6) extent to which VPA/VIT institutional structures impede sales and marketing; and (7) the operational reputation of VIT in the shipping community.

Virginia International Terminals (VIT), Virginia Port Authority (VPA) – Port Terminal Operations Evaluation and Due Diligence Study for Maersk Unsolicited Proposal to the Virginia Commonwealth.

Vickerman & Associates was retained in July 2012 to provide the VIT with (1) an evaluation of  all four of VIT’s operational port terminals. The study was to focus on evaluating terminal productivity, operational safety, VIT terminal revenue and expenses, port competition evaluation and prepare a 20 year long range cargo volume forecast for all VIT assets and (2) prepare due diligence analysis support to VIT   in consideration of the April 2012 unsolicited proposal from Maersk/APM Terminals to purchase all of the Port of Virginia’s  port terminal operations for $4 billion over a 48 year period using the State’s Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995.

Port of Providence, RI (ProvPort) Two Mobile Harbor Crane Procurement Services.

Vickerman & Associates was commissioned in July 2012 by the Port of Providence (ProvPort, Inc.) and the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (RIEDC) to provide ProvPort, Inc. with professional advisory services for technical expert consulting reviewing the RFP procurement process, crane technical specifications and contract proceedings for the acquisition of two mobile harbor cranes and the associated design and construction of two new barges for the Port of Providence.  The mobile harbor crane acquisition is a component of the Port of Providence’s Tiger II grant award through the US Department of Transportation (USDOT), Maritime Administration (MARAD).

Ohio Statewide Freight Plan ‘Ohio River Terminal Assessment and River Terminal Strategic Planning.’

In early 2012 Parsons Brinkerhoff, Inc. (PB) commissioned Vickerman & Associates to provide the PB Team with maritime and intermodal transportation consulting services in support of their contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation to perform a statewide freight study.  Vickerman & Associates was responsible for analysis and strategic planning for all Ohio River Ports bordering the State of Ohio, and in particular the following Ohio River Terminals:  Columbiana, Wellsville, and South Point River Terminals.  Vickerman & Associates conducted in-depth interviews with all Ohio River Terminals and provided a needs assessment and strategic project identification for critical Ohio River terminal infrastructure.

San Diego Unified Port District (SDUPD) Expert Witness Services-Port Terminal Operations Evaluation.

Vickerman & Associates was retained in 2012 as an expert witness by the firm Butz Dunn & DeSantis (BD&D), in connection with BD&D’s representation of SDUPD in civil litigation action before the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Diego referred to as “SDUPD versus San Diego Refrigerated Services, Inc.”  The consulting services provided professional port terminal evaluation including analysis of port terminal layout, configuration and operational related topics for the Port of San Diego – Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal (TAMT).  The focus of this marine terminal evaluation study is the western portion of the TAMT encompassing both the SDRS and the Dole Food Company Inc. – Fresh Fruit Container Terminal, leaseholds and associated terminal operations.

Florida Inland Port (FIP) – Intermodal Logistics Center – St. Lucie County.

Vickerman & Associates was retained in 2011 by Florida Inland Port, LLC (formerly Treasure Coast Intermodal Campus, TCIC) and their project general consultant, HDR Engineering Inc., to provide a strategic master plan and intermodal market and supply chain management assessment for a 4,000 acre, ultimately 29 million sq. ft., Inland Port – Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) – Logistics Center serving the South Florida freight market. Located in southwest St. Lucie County, Florida the FIP project will be developed into a major freight logistics hub over the next 30 to 35 years. The FIP will create an entirely new industrial model for Florida, ultimately providing a seamless connection to direct on-dock rail service at Florida’s key seaports, along with easy access to all major highways. The FIP warehousing and distribution center will provide a full service logistics environment accommodating a variety of manufacturing and industrial uses.

Melford International Terminals Inc., Guysborough County, Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lead General Consultant for the development planning for development of a $350 million three berth state-of-the-art container port and “on-dock” CN intermodal rail terminal with access to 1500 acres of adjacent integrated logistics park development on the Strait of Canso, Melford Industrial Reserve, Nova Scotia. The project included advanced agile port concept design for the new port and its adjacent intermodal terminal along the southern shore of the Strait of Canso.

Shipyard Creek Associates, LLC – Port of Charleston
South Carolina Multimodal Logistics Center, Charleston, South Carolina

Lead General Consultant for container and intermodal development planning and design of the 155 acre Macalloy Site CSX Intermodal Terminal immediately adjacent to the South Carolina State Port Authority (SCSPA), Port of Charleston Three Berth Navy Base Container Terminal. The project involved significant market analysis, environmental and port/intermodal terminal operational evaluations for the Shipyard Creek/Cooper River site adjacent to the new Port of Charleston Navy Base Container Terminal.

Port Alberta Inland Intermodal Terminal and Integrated Logistics Park
Edmonton Alberta, Canada

As a sub-consultant to InterVISTAS, provided maritime and intermodal market assessment and intermodal rail analysis for a business plan for the development of the Port Alberta Inland Integrated Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Park for the City of Edmonton, Alberta. Prepared a public advocacy presentation for the City of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Ohio Soybean Council (OSC)
Ohio Statewide Agricultural Transport Logistics and Inland Port Study

Lead General Consultant to the OSC for the preparation of a comprehensive business case model and inland port site selection evaluation for the development of an inland intermodal agricultural distribution center at various locations throughout the state of Ohio.

Strait of Canso, Superport Corporation
Strategic Maritime and Intermodal Master Plan
Strait of Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada

Consultant to the Strait of Canso Superport coordinating the preparation of a Strategic Port Master Plan for all maritime assets on the Strait of Canso.

Cargo Ventures, LLC
Southern Florida Inland Intermodal Logistics Park
Miami, Florida

General Consultant for development of a 27 acre logistics park with 746,700SF Distribution Center and expansion for an intermodal rail terminal adjacent to the Ports of Miami and Port Everglades.

Cargo Ventures, LLC
Port of Prince Rupert Refrigerated Terminal Facility
British Columbia, Canada

General Consultant for development of a private sector state-of-the-art refrigerated marine and intermodal terminal complex.

Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal (LIGTT)
State of Louisiana, Southwest Passage

General Consultant to the State of Louisiana to coordinate a feasibility analysis to develop a marine container transfer terminal complex on the Southwest Passage of the Mississippi River.  This state-of-the-art container transfer terminal would accommodate the largest container ships in the world and transfer international container s from the mega containership directly to short sea shipping vessels and container barges.

ProLogis Intermodal Logistic Park Concept Review
CSX Integrated Logistics Centers
Winter Haven, Florida
Beecher Park, Illinois

Overall review and evaluation of ProLogis Intermodal Logistics Park proposals. Review to optimize Intermodal Terminal and Logistics Park interface including state-of-the-art terminal security portals, logistics Park traffic circulation, sustainable design concepts and Distribution Center building layouts and design.

Texas City Shoal Point Container
and Intermodal Terminal Development Consulting
City of Texas City, Texas

Retained by the City of Texas City to assist in the development of Shoal Point Container and Intermodal Terminal Development assisting the City and SSA Marine in bringing the terminal to reality.


John Vickerman was the Project Principal-in-Charge, Architect of Record or Project Manager for the following major port and intermodal projects which highlight his substantial port and intermodal experience and capabilities. These projects were accomplished under his supervision as a Principal with the firms Vickerman/Zachary/Miller, Inc. and its successor firm, TranSystems Corporation. Many fellow professionals participated in delivering project services and their professional contributions and the contributions of the firms they represent, were substantial and significant.

Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach 2020 Master Plan
San Pedro Bay, Los Angeles, California

Overall Project Manager and leader of the Cargo-Handling, Operations, Facilities and Infrastructure Requirements Study (OFI) consulting team to determine facility and future technology requirements as well as detailed water and land use plans to the year 2020, for the combined Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Strategic Master Plan for
the Redevelopment of the “Port of New York”
New York Economic Development Corporation
New York, New York

Principal-in-Charge and leader of the consultant team for a major study of the total redevelopment of the New York City waterfront to increase maritime cargo handling capabilities and intermodal cargo throughput. The Study examined market forecasts for containerized and non-containerized commodities, inland distribution patterns and requirements by mode and commodity, shipper/carrier requirements, site attributes and environmental/community constraints.

Port Authority of New York/New Jersey
On-dock Intermodal Rail Facility Planning, Design and Construction
New York, New York

Principal-In-Charge of planning, design and construction management services for the original ExpressRail Intermodal Transfer Facility at the Port of New York and New Jersey. The project included detailed terminal operations analysis to enhance the port-rail interface at the Ports of New York/New Jersey. This project included the Maersk/Sea-Land Conceptual On-dock Intermodal Facility Study, New York, New York, a conceptual study of the on-dock intermodal rail facilities for Maersk Terminals/Sea-Land site at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

2020 Port and Intermodal Terminal Marketing
Operations and Port Development Planning
Virginia Port Authority (VPA)
Norfolk, Virginia

Principal-in-Charge and leader of the consultant team for preparation of the Port of Virginia’s overall 2020 Marketing, Operations and Development Plan for the VPA’s Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT), Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT), Virginia Inland Port (VIP) and the Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), all four major components of the Virginia Port Authority.

Port Everglades Port Wide Strategic Master Plan,
Southport Master Plan
and Southport Phase VI Terminal Yard Improvements
Port Everglades Department of Broward County

Principal-in-Charge for conceptual planning and master development plans for all port and intermodal terminals at Port Everglades and particularly at the new Southport Intermodal complex. This study involved analyzing current terminal operations, terminal capacity, commodity growth forecasts, and new operational technologies. These analyses were utilized in development of a phased capital improvement plan of more than one billion dollars.

Port Strategic Master Development Plan
Port of Freeport, Freeport, Texas

Principal-In-Charge of Strategic Master Development Plan for the Port of Freeport, Texas, which encompassed over 8,000 acres of maritime and non-maritime property, including intermodal cargo handling operations. Significant site selection analysis was accomplished to prioritize the development of the potential new port and intermodal terminal sites with Port Freeport’s 8,000 acre potential development site area.

Port of Galveston Strategic Development
and Investment Option Plan
Galveston Wharves, Galveston Texas

Principal-In-Charge of Strategic Master Development Plan for the Port of Galveston including the East End Container, intermodal terminals West end as well as Pelican Island. This development plan was the plan that launched the New Cruise Terminal Site Development at the Port of Galveston. The project also included planned improvements to all of the Port of Galveston cargo handling terminals and facilities.

Texas City Strategic Master Port Development Plan
Shoal Point Terminal, City of Texas City, Texas

Principal-In-Charge of the Strategic Master Development Plan for development of the new port and intermodal terminal on Shoal Point (Rattle Snake Island), Galveston Bay, Texas City, Texas. This green field three berth container port development plan included potential intermodal rail terminal for direct on dock transfer capabilities of containers. Market forecasts and detailed terminal planning was accomplished for this container and intermodal development plan just off the main shipping channel at the entrance to Galveston Bay.

Capital Development Planning for Cruise and Cargo Facilities
Port of Miami, Dade County Seaport

Principal-In-Charge of the Port of Miami’s latest Capital Development Improvement Planning for all cruise and passenger, container terminal and cargo facility improvements.

Caro Ventures LLC
Massachusetts Port Authority
Port of Boston, Bronstein Black Falcon Cruise Terminal

Principal-In-Charge of this new state-of-the-art $45 million cruise terminal complex for Massport will include cruise terminal facilities, baggage and US Customs security systems, office, retail, public spaces and public promenades as well as multi-floor parking structure serving both the adjacent one million square foot, eight story, Bronstein Office Center Building and the new adjacent Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.

Marine Master Plan
Seagirt Marine Terminal, Baltimore, Maryland

Principal-in-Charge of the 264-acre Seagirt Marine Terminal master plan including the detailed design of the Seagirt “on-dock” intermodal rail facility for the Port of Baltimore.

Strategic and Master Site Development Plan
Gulfport, Mississippi

Principal-In-Charge of strategic and master site development plan for intermodal cargo facilities, including break-bulk and dry bulk, container storage, rail, truck and ship operations at the Mississippi State Port at Gulfport.

Strategic Master Plan
Freeport, Texas

Principal-In-Charge of Strategic Master Plan for the Port of Freeport, Texas, which encompasses over 8,000 acres of maritime and non-maritime property, including intermodal cargo handling operations.

Cool Carriers Refrigerated Warehouse Engineering Services
Hueneme, California

Principal-In-Charge of project to design Cool Carriers Refrigerated Warehouse at the Port of Hueneme. Provided architectural and engineering drawings and specifications for construction of a 142,000 square foot cold storage facility. The largest “on-dock” refrigerated facility on the US west coast.

NYK Line Administrative Headquarters Building Design
Los Angeles, California

Principal-In-Charge of overall terminal planning and design of five new state-of-the-art buildings at a 134-acre container terminal for NYK Line, Port of Los Angeles.

Warehouse Conceptual Design
Freeport, Texas

Principal-In-Charge for Conceptual Design of a Cool Storage Warehouse at the Port of Freeport, Texas. Provided conceptual design to convert an existing warehouse of 40,000 square feet into a palletized cool storage facility.

Maritime Facilities Renovation
Port of San Francisco, California

General Consultant to the Port of San Francisco for overall program management, development of design criteria, monitoring of design, budget and schedules for projects totaling $42 million to renovate marine facilities and construct an ICTF. Principal-in-Charge for a conceptual maritime master plan of approximately 640 acres of the Southern Waterfront, Pier 48 to Pier 98, Port of San Francisco and engineering feasibility study for San Francisco Container Terminal, Berths 92 to 96.

Cold Storage Facility Design
San Diego, California

Principal-In-Charge for design of Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal cold storage, handling and fumigation facility at the Port of San Diego. The 100,000 square foot facility was California’s first on-dock refrigerated warehouse.

Pier J Facility Design
Long Beach, California

Principal-in-Charge of design for an on-dock intermodal rail facility for Maersk Line at Pier J, Port of Long Beach.

Federal Highway Landside Access Course
Washington, D.C.

Principal-in-Charge and Principal Investigator to develop and teach a three-day course on passenger and freight intermodal transportation for the United States Federal Highway Administration and the National Highway Institute titled “Landside Access for Intermodal Facilities.”

Technology Inventory and Research
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Principal-In-Charge of a project commissioned by Sandia National Laboratories to explore advanced technologies for intermodal international ports of entry. Researched the available and emerging technologies and information systems for use in the intermodal freight transportation industry.

Chatham County Intermodal Freight Study
Savannah, Georgia

Principal-In-Charge for the development of a comprehensive cargo traffic study for the Georgia Department of Transportation. This study encompassed air, river, rail and street traffic in order to determine traffic constraints in each mode of transport for the county.