• Port & Intermodal Terminal Operational Analysis

  • Port Terminal Operational & Technology Evaluation

  • Cruise Terminal Planning & Design

  • Urban Waterfront Strategic Master Planning

  • Port & Intermodal Project Marketing & Advocacy

  • Port Equipment Selection, Operations Layout & Acquisition


Vickerman & Associates is pleased to make available to interested parties electronic versions of recent industry presentations by John Vickerman.  Due to the number of requests received, and in an effort to provide prompt availability of the material, they can be found according to the name and date for the specific presentation.

To download a PDF copy of the presentation, please right-click on a link below. IMPORTANT – file sizes can be large and may require several minutes to download.

Industry Presentations (in PDF Format)

Please feel free to use the information in the presentations as a resource, being aware that the material, as presented, is not intended to be directly applied to specific users, terminals, ports, intermodal or multimodal facilities. We hope you find the presentations informative.

All information, diagrams, drawings, plans, methods, techniques, and procedures included in the presentations are privileged information and may or may not comply with applicable industry, international, national, state, regional, and local regulatory requirements.


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